I Can’t Do This Anymore …


<photo by me … funky shoes … adds smiles + conversation = a dose of Joy>

There are ‘those days’ that this journey is just too long.  There was clearly a beginning to this journey but the ending is more obscure and uncertain.

Today I don’t feel like I can do this anymore.

It’s one of  ‘those days.’  Do you ever have ‘those days’?

There is the dad who misses his daughter greatly after her loss to cancer, yet moves valiantly forward in life.  Knowing that he will be reunited with her someday … there are still ‘those days’ that the grief is suffocating.

For the wife who is watching her husband battle cancer, being his forever cheerleader and supporter, yet, the pain of seeing him suffer cripples her heart on ‘those days.’

Likewise, there are the moms (unfortunately plural), who are battling to defeat the cancer that has invaded their young children’s lives.  Driven by their love, everyday they soldier through because the alternative is completely unacceptable.  Yet, on ‘those days,’ their hearts are paralyzed.

You fill in your own blank … the moment when you scream from the depths of your soul … I can’t do this anymore!

Take a deep breath … and another one … Remember …we have all been in this place before.

What is happening on one of ‘those days’?

Pressing Toward Joy thought for today … When we feel like giving up, because it’s too much to carry, anxiety then floods our minds.  More than likely, we are looking at the ENTIRE JOURNEY.  

STOP!  Remember … do not look at the whole journey … this is one moment at a time. God gives us our daily bread and portion to bring us through today only.

Know that through the power of Jesus Chtist, ‘this too shall pass’ … then smile joyfully (even if you have to fake it)!

If you really want to get under Satan’s skin, keep repeating confidently, ‘This is the day that the Lord hath made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it!  x 10

And, repeat and remember this verse pictured below …


<photo by me … my I Can ‘Joy’ shoes>

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2 thoughts on “I Can’t Do This Anymore …

  1. AL, you are dead on…because on “those days” I can’t do it but one day at a time but by the grace of God and knowing that joy will come. Did you listen to NS service yesterday? Clayton King made a great comment that has stuck with me….”when we get hysterical, then get historical….remember the times God has been faithful!” Keep blogging!!

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  2. I love the shoes. They are so you. One day at a time …and sometimes one moment at a time. Our lives on earth are fleeting. We all suffer in varying degrees. But we press on toward eternity. Keep our eyes on the prize !

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