If You Bowl A Strike … Steps and Stairways


<Photo by me @ San Francisco Bay …100+ steps>

If you bowl a strike, did one thing happen or did ten things happen?  

Think about it …

The big strike in your life … <you fill in the blank> … has resulted in multiple casualties (pins) collapsing. Right?

Strikes are those life changing, life altering events.

When the stroke <our strike> hit, everyone and everything attached closely to our lives tried remaining upright.  There was bending and swaying  <just like the pins>, but eventually we were all knocked down by the event.

Knocked down but not knocked out.

There is no automatic reset button to quickly reposition the fallen pins.  This is life, not a game.

It’s easier to get back up when life returns to normal quickly. However, when the trial is long and circumstances remain hard, it is a struggle to move forward

So, how do we go forward in a healthy way?

Envision a stairway … uninviting, daunting, dreadful …


<photo by me>

We stand at the bottom … our eyes focused on the many steps between the bottom and the top. How do we ever climb the stairs?  It would be wonderful to simply propel to the top, thus omitting all steps in between.

REMEMBER … it’s one step at a time!  Most of the time it’s one step forward,  two steps back.

That’s okay.  Expect it and keep moving.

But why?  Why just one step at a time?

Because … with each single step we take, God teaches us valuable faith and character building lessons about life.

Oftentimes, we still want to ask God, ‘why?  why me?’  <we are human after all>

This is the game changer.  Stop asking ‘why’ and start asking ‘what?’  ‘What do you want me to learn from this Lord?’

Be confident that when we do ask, God will lead us to the right place.  “If God brings us to it, then He will bring us through it.”

Personally I am still climbing the stairway.  And it is one step forward … with one or two steps backward.  Ugh … but the only acceptable option is to keep moving.

How about you?  Do you get tired?  I do.

It is a struggle but as believers we must boldly claim the Promises that He has  given to us.  Claim them!  Claim His Promises and then rest … rest confidently in His peace and strength.

Memorize this verse … cling to each Word:  “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jeremiah 29:11 


<photo by me … Top of the stairs … it’s going to be Amazing … SF Bay> 

Pressing Toward Joy thought for the day … ONE DAY AT A TIMEnothing more, nothing less.  Getting ahead of today = a guaranteed joy stealer.

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