Crash and Burn + Throwback


<Easter circa 1996 … photo by me>

I hope that everyone had a Happy Easter.  I had to continually remind myself the entire weekend to envision the empty tomb.  Thankfully that image is carved deep into my soul and brain.  It is the Hope that I cling to tightly. 

Due to life events recently, the empty tomb has been my source of oxygen and the ability to get out of bed.  Without a relationship with Jesus Christ, I do not know how others survive  who are walking a path similar to mine.  Where is the Hope?  During these crash and burn days recently, as hard as they have been, I still have Hope and my Lifeline.  Yet, it still hurts.

My intent in writing is bare bones honesty.  It is not to suggest or come across as,  ‘look how religious I am!   You better get Jesus into your life.  I am a more righteous and better person, more emotionally sound than you are!’ 


A more accurate portrayal of myself would be: ‘look at the sinner that I am,  the broken, weak, fragile, and frightened little girl who stumbles through life.’  That is who I am, on my own. 

If you see someone different than the person described above … then … you have witnessed the Power of the Holy Spirit living within someone.

Perhaps the purpose of today’s writing was a theme which needs repeating, ‘it is okay not to be okay some days … just make sure that you don’t stay there.’  We are all going to go through trials in our lives.  Equip yourself with the Tools, in advance, that will not only carry you through the valley, but will bring you to the greatest blessing on the mountaintop.

Below I have added a throwback writing from 6 years ago from CaringBridge. Why?  Actually I am not sure but felt led to share with you.

Pressing Toward Joy thought of the day:   “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.”  1 Peter 5:7

Now, for the Throwback moment.  Below is an excerpt from a CaringBridge post in late 2009.  It is good to remember where we began in order to clearly see the present.  During the difficult days, I must remember the Promises God has already given me.

CaringBridge dated 12/30/2009:

“Yesterday was observation day for us to watch Jake in therapy.  We watched him in speech, occupational, physical, and recreational therapy.  Also, it gave us time to get to know his therapists a little better. Jake’s recreational therapist is Nate and I feel like he will definitely connect w/ Jake as he was with the New Orleans Saints for 2 1/2 yrs.
Therapy is a hard core reality check to see where Jake is right now.  For example, 6 objects are placed in front of him and he is told to point to the “comb.”  He may point to the “pencil.”  When they reduce the # of objects to three & he is told to point to the comb,  then he can do it. This is what baby steps are all about – he can do three objects right now and the goal next week may be 4 objects placed in front of him.

At the end of the day we met with his team of therapists and they all gave their goals as to what Jake would be able to do when leaving Shepherd.  We choose to believe that they are being very conservative in their predictions and that Jake will completely blow their predictions out of the water. I pray that Shepherd will be awed and have to say look at what God did in Jake’s life.

In my last CB entry I explained the fear that I was having for Jake’s future regarding the unknown. God told me that Jake is going to be fine and he will live a long, happy, healthy life.  Now when those other thoughts enter my mind, I just remember the conversation that I had with God.”


<<Next blog … a couple of days>>


2 thoughts on “Crash and Burn + Throwback

  1. Oh how I remember those cute little faces! (And the handsome one too!) I also remember God’s promise for Jake. Keep blogging. You are helping me take the long stairway one step at a time.

    Liked by 1 person

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